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One of the important global concernstoday is food safety. This is a global concern because it impact not only public health but also impact on the international market. Due to increase in the concern related to food safety it is essential to set a management system which ensure the better safety of the food products in an effective manner. In most of the countries, the food manufacturers must have HACCP Certification to provide best level of safety to the food. This certificate providescomplete information of management system which helps in providing the best level of safety of the food stuff along with proper hazard control and analysis. The certification is mandatory for all the organizations that are involved in the activities which is related to the food products whether it is preparation, storage, transportation, or it is handling or distribution of food stuff or raw materials for food products. It is mandatory for food processing unit to have the HACCP in their premises.

The certifying bodies grant the HACCP Certificate to the companies after the assessment of the companies according to the specifications stated by the National Board of Experts-HACCP. The HACCP Accreditation signifies that the implementation of a food safety system in the premises of company is conformance with the HACCP standards and committed to maintain best safety and quality of the food products. Having the certificate is very beneficial for both the company as well as customers. When the HACCP Certification requirements are fulfilled by the company, then there is no chance of wastage of food or raw material for making any type of food products as a system is created to handle all the food products. And on the other hand customers get satisfied and feel confident that the food products provided by the company who has HACCP certificate is of best quality and it is safe to use. The HACCP standard requires the company to define a policy regarding food safety and document it in writing. This helps in showing that the products delivered to the consumers are of safe quality. All the units that are involved in food supply chain must passes the HACCP Certification process to assure that the products delivered by them is of good quality.

When it comes to HACCP certification, UKCERT is one of the most prestigious certification body that has been granting certifications to organizations for different ISO standards. Along with certification,  UKCERT also has been providing value added services such as auditing and staff training for bet quality management in the companies.

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