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Appeal Process

UK Cert Limited redresses all appeals received formally from its clients, to handle appeals:

UK Cert Limited follows a documented process to receive, evaluate and make decisions on appeals.

UK Cert Limited will be responsible for all decisions at all levels of the appeals-handling process.

UK Cert Limited will ensure that the persons engaged in the appeals-handling process are different from those who carried out the audits and made the certification decisions.

Submission, investigation and decision on appeals will not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.

The appeals-handling process includes at least the following elements and methods:

    An outline of the process for receiving, validating and investigating the appeal, and for deciding what actions need to be taken in response to it, taking into account the results of previous similar appeals;

    Tracking and recording appeals, including actions undertaken to resolve them;

    Ensuring that any appropriate correction and corrective action are taken.

UK Cert Limited on receiving the appeal will be responsible for gathering and verifying all necessary information to validate the appeal.

UK Cert Limited will acknowledge receipt of the appeal and provide the appellant with progress reports and the result of the appeal.

The decision to be communicated to the appellant willbe made by, or reviewed and approved by, individual(s) not previously involved in the subject of the appeal.

UK Cert Limited will give formal notice to the appellant of the end of the appeals handling process.

Complaint Process

UK Cert Limited keeps up a strategy of protests and claims on the site, and every single invested individual may enroll any protestations and offers.

All grumblings or advances can be enrolled formally by UK Cert Limited site, telephone and fax, for every single such grievance

UK Cert Limited will be in charge of all choices at all levels of the protestation dealing with process.

Accommodation, examination and choice on objections wil not result in any unfair activities against the complainant.

UK Cert Limited, Upon receipt of an objection, will affirm if the grumbling identifies with confirmation exercises that it is in charge of and, assuming this is the case, will manage it. On the off chance that the grumbling identifies with an affirmed customer, at that point examination of the grievance will think about the adequacy of the ensured administration framework..

Any substantial objection about a guaranteed customer will likewise be alluded by the accreditation body to the ensured customer being referred to at a fitting time.

UK Cert Limited has a recorded procedure to get, assess and settle on choices on protestations. This procedure is subjected to necessities for privacy, as it identifies with the complainant and to the subject of the objection.

The dissensions dealing with process incorporates in any event the accompanying components and techniques:

A framework of the procedure for getting, approving, researching the protestation, and for choosing

What moves should be made because of it;

Following and recording objections, incorporating activities embraced in light of them;

Guaranteeing that any fitting remedy and remedial move are made.

On accepting the dissension UK Cert Limited will be in charge of social occasion and confirming all important data to approve the protest.

At whatever point conceivable, UK Cert Limited will recognize receipt of the protestation, and give the complainant advance reports and the consequence of the grievance.

The choice to be imparted to the complainant will be made by, or evaluated and affirmed by, individual(s) not beforehand associated with the subject of the objection.

At whatever point conceivable, UK Cert Limited gives formal notice of the finish of the grievances taking care of procedure to the complainant.

UK Cert Limited decides, together with the ensured customer and the complainant, regardless of whether and, if so to what degree, the subject of the dissension and its goals will be made open.

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