CE Marking Certification

What is CE Marking?

CE marking is a highly standardized standard which is mandatory for some of the products that are used and marketed in European countries to ensure or to govern the quality of the products. The CE marking explains that the product complies with all the quality directives that are introduced by the government in European countries. The CE Marking certification was first introduced in the year 1985, and since then it becomes mandatory for some of the products to have CE marking in order to assure the quality of the products. This marking helps the manufacturers to sell and trade the products from one country to another country of European Union.

The CE marking certification is an alias name used for ´┐ŻConformiteEuropeene´┐Ż which actually means European Conformity. The CE symbol on the products explains that product meets all the quality standards stated by the European Union and safe to consume. This symbol also ensures that the products can be traded easily in all the countries that come under the European Union.

Identification of CE Logo

The logo of CE certification comprises of four digits of the unique identification number of the notified regulatory organization which is involved in conformance evaluation process. There are many manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters that are unaware of the CE marking. This unawareness adversely affects their business as without CE marketing they are not liable to trade within the European Union. If they really want to sell and market their products in European countries, they need to apply for the different certifications individually for different products as per the norms and standards introduced by different countries to ensure the quality of the products.

List of Products that Must Comply CE Marking Certification

There is a list of several products that must have CE Marking on it. The list includes:

  1.  All Active Medical devices exclusive of surgical instruments
  2.  Appliances that are operated using gaseous fuels
  3.  Cable way products
  4.  Construction Machine & Tools
  5.  Energy-related products with Eco design
  6.  Electromagnetic compatibility
  7.  Systems & Instruments that are designed for using in explosive atmospheres
  8.  Explosives (civil purposes)
  9.  Hot-water boilers
  10.  Elevators
  11.  Low voltage devices
  12.  Pyrotechnics goods
  13.  Metrology Tools &equipment
  14.  Pressure gauging instruments
  15.  Pressure vessels
  16.  Non-Automatic weighing Devices
  17.  Protective equipment
  18.  Safety of toys
  19.  Radio and telecommunications equipment

Benefits of CE Marking

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