Use of Logo Details

Guidelines for the Use of UK Cert Logo

The UK Cert logo is a symbol of excellence, credibility, and commitment to quality. To ensure its consistent and appropriate use, we have established the following guidelines:

1. Authorized Usage: The UK Cert logo is exclusively for use by organizations that have been certified by UK Cert Limited. It signifies compliance with internationally recognized standards and reinforces a commitment to quality, safety, and compliance.

2. Logo Variations: The logo is available in both full-color and monochrome versions. Please use the appropriate version based on the background and medium to maintain visibility and clarity.

3. Clear Space: Maintain clear space around the logo to enhance its visibility and impact. The clear space should be equal to the height of the letter "K" in the logo.

4. Size Consideration: Ensure that the logo is legible and maintains its integrity by using a size that is appropriate for the medium. Avoid resizing the logo below a specified minimum size to prevent loss of quality and legibility.

5. Color Consistency: When using the full-color version of the logo, adhere to the specified color scheme. Do not alter the colors or proportions of the logo elements.

6. Placement: Place the logo in a prominent but unobtrusive location on your materials. It should not overwhelm the content and should be aligned with the overall design.

7. Logo Misuse: Do not alter, modify, distort, or recreate the logo. Ensure that the logo is not used in a manner that could misrepresent the certification or the organization's relationship with UK Cert Limited.

8. Written Approval: Any deviation from these guidelines requires written approval from UK Cert Limited. Please contact our communication department for guidance on specific usage scenarios.

9. Periodic Review: These guidelines are subject to periodic review and updates. Always refer to the most current version of the guidelines before using the UK Cert logo.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to maintaining the integrity and reputation of both your organization and UK Cert Limited. The logo is a symbol of trust, and its proper usage reinforces your commitment to quality and excellence.